Depression… A followup

I am sorry for that last post it was something written several years ago and was a moment of a self reflection and at the time I was in a very depressed state.The estimate of my  personal and professional  accomplishments, as well as my overall emotional state is significantly different than from the time the post was made …which was several years ago…

.  I was going through some old blog posts and I mean to delete it .. not publish it…
I apologize …

Immigrants and Americans

the Graphic about should reflect  our attitude but sadly our very strength as a nation of immigrants are being subverted by those who think us weak and will do all to exploit that fact.

I honestly do not like the categorizations being made about Americans ; (and most of these are made by Americans BTW) its wrong Gun toting flag waving jingoists..we’re not. Its wrong to accommodate ones faith without TOLERANCE of Another faith; even when someone believes nothing.

We are not just Americans we make up many races, many faiths, sexual and physical orientations but we are Americans who have had a tradition of helping our neighbors in need,

We Americans step up and are models and examples for the world and we are so much better when we work together because its been our strength, to work directly not not indirectly through our government which is so poorly managed it failed to make even these small points possible

Let’s Talk: Open Office Floor Plans

Very thoughtful article about the pros and cons (there are manY) of the Open office floor plan.

Sublunar Reflections

There’s been some discussion in the news lately  about open office floor plans. By removing walls and private offices, an open floor plan encourages collaboration and interaction amongst coworkers, something that has been known to boost overall company morale. This set up has been championed by many top tier companies, most of whom are headquartered in Silicon Valley. However, what open floor plans haven’t been successful at is increasing productivity. In fact, it’s practically killing it.

Working around other people is all well and good when you’re in a collaborative environment. For creative thinkers, being around a team of people with whom you can share ideas helps inspire innovative and impressive work. For most people though, their coworkers are nothing but a distraction.

Before giving my opinion on this subject, let me preface this statement by letting you know that I genuinely like my coworkers. They’re great people and they’ve…

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A Wounded Turtle Got a 3-D Printed Upgrade and a New Lease on Life

 wTAfter a boat propeller sliced off a sea turtle’s lower jaw and most of its snout, animal rescuers found the creature drifting nearly lifeless in the water in Turkey. The turtle was sent to a rehabilitation center where it recovered, but needed to be fed by hand to stay alive. Now, thanks to a Turkish 3-D printing firm, the turtle can eat independently again: It’s the proud new owner of a titanium beakWounded

the story is here on
Turtle gets a new lease on life.

Adding the fourth dimension to 3D printing

As 3D printing continues to revolutionize manufacturing, researchers have decided that three dimensions are not enough, and so the concept of 4D printing has begun to emerge. These four-dimensional objects are still built layer by layer in a 3D printer. But given time – the fourth dimension – these devices can automatically morph into a different shape, and thereby even change their function
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.Adding the forth dimension to #d Printing