Albert Camus

Now the only moral value is courage, which is useful here for judging the puppets and chatterboxes who pretend to speak in the name of the people

Tesla Motors Will Reach the Masses

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If you thought that electrical vehicles are either a thing of the future or simply not attractive enough to attract people, well you are wrong. The Tesla Model S is a prime example of just how enticing electric vehicles can be when done right. With 260+ miles a charge, a beautiful design, 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds, and all of the technological functionality you would expect, the Model S is the ‘Golden Child’ of electronic vehicles. What makes the Model S significant, though, is that it has free access to a network of power charging stations scattered throughout country. The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, plans to extend these charging stations so much so that you can make a trip from any point in the world with a Tesla and not run out of battery (granted you follow the root of the charging stations).


It seems as though Tesla…

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Hello again

I have observed a few things lately .. That there is such a things as too much transparency and having too much removes the a level of dignity to self .. There must, like many things, be a balance to all things.
 I have decided a couple of things this week and hopefully I will have the discipline and intestinal fortitude to sustain the effort..

The first is to stop actively contribute and comment on Facebook. I realized fairly recently that its a huge time suck and an addiction I can do without .. Ill strill contribute but probably a lot more passively .. through blogs like this one and tumblr and my business blog.. I realize that, too much of the time, an innocent comment can be taken completely out of context and while I can accept that on a personal level; its unacceptable at a professional level. The truth is I lost a pretty good prospect because on my commentary interpreted incorrectly. The lesson has been learned.

The second thing is that I really have to get back to basics.. I am a consultant for information technologies  ; not a futurist or sage or expert on anything but that particular realm. I have to allowed my self to lose my way a bit … while its not fatal it is harmful. and in living our lived , don;t we all have too much toxicity to deal with? I think there is a real need to stay sharp and relevant and its far to easy to become complacent .

So I am going to back to blogging and writing and hopefully regain a sense of self and esteem; something not necessarily lost but not really easy to recover. 

My Friends  on Facebook.. I am not leaving…. I adore the people I interact with on a daily basis but  I feel that one needs to learn when to share and when to hold back .. forgive me… but I must relearn a few things … thank you for listening 


Not so startling revelations.

I have been going through some tough times but the circumstances are what they are; now while I think that It has created  a pretty vicious loop and it has allowed or enabled me to somewhat dysfunctional with those circumstances. I think circumstances surrounding the events have made me passive and ,frankly,  a more than a little intellectually lazy, 
 I cannot attribute this to getting older although I do think it is a factor, it isn’t a dominant one…no, that perception and the very petty indulgence of feeling sorry for my current condition emotionally and intellectually. 
I think it pretty evident that sleepwalking through life is not a really living.  We need to do more than survive and get through the day… I think I have struggling to find new relevance and meaning …given my new reality and circumstances … Change is good when is for the right and constructive reasons. I need to stop planning and hoping for improvement. I have to actively pursue it.  

Top Companies from Michael Iva

Michael Iva says:
“The difference between an average company with average people and average products, and a top company with top people and top products could be summed up in two words… AND MORE. 

• Top companies always do what is expected of them, AND MORE.

• Top companies are service oriented, thoughtful, understanding, and show a genuine interest in their customer’s problems, needs and requirements, AND MORE.

• Top companies are friendly, courteous, helpful, and considerate of the feelings of their customers, AND MORE.

• Top companies are well informed, always met their obligations, and deal fairly, AND MORE.

• Top companies always over serve their customers, AND MORE.

• Top companies give their customers MORE than they expect.

• Top companies give their customers MORE than their competition does.

Top companies always go that Extra Mile, which puts them miles ahead of their competition, and gets them MORE business AND MORE profits in return.”

I follow Michael on Facebook … He always has something interesting to say