As I see it… a missive about the economic mess we are in

What happens when the money runs out? our federal government has been spending money at unsustainable pace for decades now.
now one can say “that’s ok, we will just tax the rich; they dont pay their fair share!” I really cannot speak to that except that the rich(whoever they are) can provide themselves with enough shelters and tax lawyers and lobbyist to keep what they have. We cannot tax the poor because frankly they are not tax producers but rather tax consumers (beneficiaries of tax entitlement programs). So that leaves the poor middle class to shore up revenues by raising the rates and remove the few tax benefits left to them.

The trouble is that while the Middle class has the means to bear the tax burden (for now). they are the consumers of goods and services that the economic engine desperately requires to keep running and its base is shrinking because the “income” the governments( Federal, state and localities) increases, and is redistributed to programs for entitlements and to keep the governments running which is fine if their growth was static but its not the case.government spending budget keep increasing and needs to be funded.

Government might increase the sales tax or impose new fees (a tax without calling it a tax) which takes more out of an individual middle class family budget which reduces the amount of discretionary income that t a family might spend for consumption which will amount the amount of growth of consumption which the economic engine need to keep growing. since the engine that requires ever increasing sales to keep growing. it start to sputter when there is less of the fuel it need. companies that sell goods consider the possibility and shrink the workforce accordingly. Those people lose their jobs, they have no income and not only do they stop being income producers but might require those them to become an income consumer and the cycle starts into a cycle.
The point is that government must have the ability to shrink and grow in terms of way the economic engine grows and shrinks; right now it cannot because of rules law and entitlements. The best it can do is grow or cut spending and decrease or increase taxes. it can also drop people from the entitlements but it is painful and collectively, governments are reluctant to do so; especially in election cycles. I think we see this all too well in current events. We have unsustainable government growth and a shrink revenue base and a government unable or unwilling to do much about it.

I really doubt that anybody has read the post to this point and I think that it largely the problem. We all know something is wrong but all we collectively do is “kick the can down the road” and do what we can in the short term, blame the other side and ignore the long term problems with the appearance we are doing something.


This re post is shared is from Connie Adams; a very good friend of mine who lost her friend and companion Larry not so long ago. He was so much a part of her life that I felt I knew him over the years as Connie posted his exploits and adventures. I grieved at his passing partially because I knew how much she would and does miss him. I think I grieved for him because of sentiments articulated in this post.


I think one of the major problems is our current administration is hostile or at the very least, unfriendly to small business which many weill asset that creates most of the job in America. The administration must understand that the sconomy begins with JOBS, they enable americans to buy the goods, to pay the taxes to finance … See Moretheir economic adventures and social engineering.
To be fair, big government would prefer to deal with big business and big labor, big banks and weathy (big) americans; its easier to deal with 500 large corporations than a million small businesses. The fundamental issue is that the small businesses that really create the economic traction to get the nation spun up and humming. The adminsitration barely pays lip service to that.

Here how I come down on Facebook

Here is how I come down on this. Facebook is not a social utility as much as their management would like us to believe, they are a commercial, for profit corporations which seeks to monetize the data we all contribute to their servers more or less willingly.

 All you have to look at initiatives like BEACON and third party use of private picture posts in ads not to mention the ever changing privacy policies to remind us that their business model is dependent on the exposure of its users information to be used as they see fit.

One only has to look at the founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his attitude toward his early users.  I do not believe they have changed and I think that Facebook executives have made a rather general assertion that “privacy is dead” as justification for the ever changing exposure of user data.

I love my Droid!!!

I have had a Droid phone for about a week now, I honestly cannot leave it alone.  Thank you Google !!!

I think the mobile computing market is going to explode!. It is so liberating not to be tied to the desk.

I was considering an Iphone but I think the cost of developing for the platform was prohibitive, at least in terms of my current setup. I like “open” a little more than “polished” anyway.

Hello world and ummm stuff

Hello, Its another day and yet another blog. I can only promise you that I will do my best to keep the “signal to noise ” ration as low as possible. I will say this. My blog, My opinions … if you dislike what I say, say so and try to change my mind through logic and heart. I promise I will respond to those honest attempts. If you call me names or try to pigeonhole me into some sterotype, you will not be worthy and you will waste your time and effort.  Thank you for reading this. I hope we can have  great conversations here.