Ok ok, I haven’t been writing.. I don’t know what to tell you. I have little to say . My life is just so full of events and general happenings that I have so little time to inform the 5 or so people that happened to look at this Journal.

Ok,so what has happened, I went to the doctor because I had some trouble with my stomach and the fact I feeling lousier than I usually do or should for someone my age ( I’m for 47, 48 in August ) and I was have some rather nasty things happening in the GI tract. The doctor determined among other things that I suffer from considerable high blood pressure. I was a little suprised by this because I almost have always registered on the low end of that spectrum. Anyway, what is distrubing is that I might have suffered a series of small strokes that have monkeyed with my cognitive functions which is scary because I so few braincells anyway. The point is I have gotta start taking better care of myself as I have to last a few more years.

I applied to Kennedy Law school this week. I have no idea what my chances of getting in; let alone how Im going to pay for it but I am pressing forward. I think once I get in (if I get in) I will feel I’ve accomplished something significant. I hate to see everything Ive done come to nothing. I am saddened but the prospects of being “underemployed” and broke all the time. I do need to do something but I am not all that certain I can go back into IT or even sales. I was good at it but I feel like I just can’t get excited about it any longer. I think the problem is that after I worked for myself I kinda doubt I can have a better boss. the truth is Im probably right. Still all I want is just a job to pay the bills and for the job and the people I work with not to suck too much.

As for Kennedy, I will hope for the best. and I will do what is necessary whatever the outcome will be. Im hopeful but Im realistic.