Let’s Talk: Open Office Floor Plans

Very thoughtful article about the pros and cons (there are manY) of the Open office floor plan.

Sublunar Reflections

There’s been some discussion in the news lately  about open office floor plans. By removing walls and private offices, an open floor plan encourages collaboration and interaction amongst coworkers, something that has been known to boost overall company morale. This set up has been championed by many top tier companies, most of whom are headquartered in Silicon Valley. However, what open floor plans haven’t been successful at is increasing productivity. In fact, it’s practically killing it.

Working around other people is all well and good when you’re in a collaborative environment. For creative thinkers, being around a team of people with whom you can share ideas helps inspire innovative and impressive work. For most people though, their coworkers are nothing but a distraction.

Before giving my opinion on this subject, let me preface this statement by letting you know that I genuinely like my coworkers. They’re great people and they’ve…

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