Hello again

I have observed a few things lately .. That there is such a things as too much transparency and having too much removes the a level of dignity to self .. There must, like many things, be a balance to all things.
 I have decided a couple of things this week and hopefully I will have the discipline and intestinal fortitude to sustain the effort..

The first is to stop actively contribute and comment on Facebook. I realized fairly recently that its a huge time suck and an addiction I can do without .. Ill strill contribute but probably a lot more passively .. through blogs like this one and tumblr and my business blog.. I realize that, too much of the time, an innocent comment can be taken completely out of context and while I can accept that on a personal level; its unacceptable at a professional level. The truth is I lost a pretty good prospect because on my commentary interpreted incorrectly. The lesson has been learned.

The second thing is that I really have to get back to basics.. I am a consultant for information technologies  ; not a futurist or sage or expert on anything but that particular realm. I have to allowed my self to lose my way a bit … while its not fatal it is harmful. and in living our lived , don;t we all have too much toxicity to deal with? I think there is a real need to stay sharp and relevant and its far to easy to become complacent .

So I am going to back to blogging and writing and hopefully regain a sense of self and esteem; something not necessarily lost but not really easy to recover. 

My Friends  on Facebook.. I am not leaving…. I adore the people I interact with on a daily basis but  I feel that one needs to learn when to share and when to hold back .. forgive me… but I must relearn a few things … thank you for listening