Not so startling revelations.

I have been going through some tough times but the circumstances are what they are; now while I think that It has created  a pretty vicious loop and it has allowed or enabled me to somewhat dysfunctional with those circumstances. I think circumstances surrounding the events have made me passive and ,frankly,  a more than a little intellectually lazy, 
 I cannot attribute this to getting older although I do think it is a factor, it isn’t a dominant one…no, that perception and the very petty indulgence of feeling sorry for my current condition emotionally and intellectually. 
I think it pretty evident that sleepwalking through life is not a really living.  We need to do more than survive and get through the day… I think I have struggling to find new relevance and meaning …given my new reality and circumstances … Change is good when is for the right and constructive reasons. I need to stop planning and hoping for improvement. I have to actively pursue it.  


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