You know… in this time of being able to share every thought, feeling, ache & pain and soul crashing tragedy… I think there is a tendency to overshare  and just become so much noise.. I know I have been quite guilty of it as of late.
I am making an apology for that  and pledging to keep down to a bare minimum. After all I think familiarity really can breed contempt and I have enough issues with that lately .
 Thanks for listening and if you have stopped listening… well. that point is moot, anyway.


  1. Libby Baker Sweiger · October 14, 2013

    You have not been oversharing of late late Joseph dear friend. You have been sharing from the heart, being genuine and real about what is happening in your life. This benefits us all because we all go through dark and difficult times and if we can learning from each other, there is a bright spot in all the darkness. That is the only good part of suffering. Share on dear friend and let us lean on each other and learn together. Learn and Grow.

  2. LearnGrow (josephgier) · October 14, 2013

    Thank you Libby.. I appreciate the support ..you are an awesome friend

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