A post from a very dear friend of mine

Living Above The Madness

What would you do if you found out you were mad? Oh that’s sounds a bit dramatic perhaps, but think about it a moment… What would you do as a 23-year old, who had just had a baby boy nine months earlier, who had a fine husband, and you land in the loony bin? One moment you have a budding career, an apartment, okay your husband is leaving you, a wonderful sweet son. The next minute you are in a locked psyche ward in a long halter dress, sandals and your underwear?

Where did it all go wrong you might wonder? Then again where is your family is what’s foremost on your mind. And your Lord. Has he forsaken you too? But really, you don’t have room for this type of reflection. Your thoughts are racing and you are in the grips of your first manic episode IN A BIG…

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