Tina fey and GOP women

Snarky, but okay…Everyone is entitled to their opinion and obviously some people can trade on their celebrity to make a political point and Ms. Fey is certainly not shy when it comes to that.
I did say that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Whether she is correct or incorrect remains to be seen but I also have an opinion which of course doesn’t rely on crafted perception that conservative women are somehow universal mean spirited or stupid or backward.
I think they might be misguided in some ways but should never be underestimate or diminished. There are people who believe in the worship of trees and mother earth and nature as the divine which might be also contrary to the tenants of evolution, but generally given quarter well those who believe in creationism are generally dismissed as root in the past. Where is that liberal tolerance? or the belief that all beliefs should be tolerated of course I might be considered snarky too… Forgive me.

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