Social Media Lesson I have learned (so far)

I have learned a great deal about social media with this twitter experiment; the primary lesson is that it really isn’t social or media

Social Media lesson #2 is that it pretty much is self serving… an inexpensive way to garner attention and recognition

social media lesson breaks down to this; these are not friendships or not even networking opportunities they are merely ghosts

Social Media lesson #4, there is far more noise now then there is information; that the only real prompt to move forward is to network IRL

Social Media Lesson #5.. With the advent of klout and ocial media ROI tool. youre placed on a treadmill work or your roadkill.

Social Media #6 We have met the enemy and he is us (apologies to Pogo)

Social media #7.. it will take a long time for Social Media to truly become useful; unless you are writing books on the subject

Social Media #8, If you’re anti social…. you probably shouldn’t try to work within social media



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