Sustainable Social Media

lets face it may have been done before.; the debate should be whether it has ever done correctly or in a sustainable manner. Things like social media don’t happen in a vacuum. The very fact we name it this, Social Media represents a need to break with the old ways and barriers and try to attempt something that superficially resembles old media but is different in many ways … access , availability and voice and the conviction that status quo is not adequate for the current economic environment.

We need to change the old ways, to overturn conventional thinking because the consumer is educated and informed and craves for connection and community. We are fumbling now but that’s just like any new thing . it will mature and grow and maybe become something we don’t recognize. The only thing about change is to be flexible and adapt as events and circumstances occur. The losers will those stuck with current conventions and will become as extinct as the fossils under the ground.


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