Mobile computing

It looks like Im finally going to make some progress in developing the mobile phone apps. I have talking up the projects with my friends in Chicago and I think that we have found a market segment that there can be sustainable growth. I think the key thing here is to remember that “mobile” is not necessarily “phone” or “netbook” or “ipad” for that matter, its portable sensors and “information conduits” I am trying not to get too hung up on the jargon or the “initials”…. I am more interested in making it beyond the conceptional frame in my head to something that can be articulated into a real product.

They (whoever they are) have been saying that the desktop is dead or is dying and I am starting to believe that development will become a bit more personal and mobile; but with all the power projection a person needs to accomplish the days work. To tell you the truth it feels a lot like it did when started to see desktops with decent horsepower. Very exciting. The mobile hardware is powerful, there are decent toolsets and software platforms and a decent market opportunity.

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