I love my Droid!!!

I have had a Droid phone for about a week now, I honestly cannot leave it alone.  Thank you Google !!!

I think the mobile computing market is going to explode!. It is so liberating not to be tied to the desk.

I was considering an Iphone but I think the cost of developing for the platform was prohibitive, at least in terms of my current setup. I like “open” a little more than “polished” anyway.

Step away from the chair and go outside 5-240-C

I have decided I spend way too much time in my den/study/lab/workshop. Since the grass is probably about ankle length, it might be a good time to mow the lawn and weed, and trim the bushes and generally get some fresh air.

Another new thing Im going to do is to chart my mood index. After my last appointment, I honestly couldnt quanitify any improvement with respect to mood , ability to concentrate and focus and the like. I am going to lmake this particular blog daily thing so Im going to code an index to chart my progress( or lack thereof)

Hello world and ummm stuff

Hello, Its another day and yet another blog. I can only promise you that I will do my best to keep the “signal to noise ” ration as low as possible. I will say this. My blog, My opinions … if you dislike what I say, say so and try to change my mind through logic and heart. I promise I will respond to those honest attempts. If you call me names or try to pigeonhole me into some sterotype, you will not be worthy and you will waste your time and effort.  Thank you for reading this. I hope we can have  great conversations here.

Mobile computing

It looks like Im finally going to make some progress in developing the mobile phone apps. I have talking up the projects with my friends in Chicago and I think that we have found a market segment that there can be sustainable growth. I think the key thing here is to remember that “mobile” is not necessarily “phone” or “netbook” or “ipad” for that matter, its portable sensors and “information conduits” I am trying not to get too hung up on the jargon or the “initials”…. I am more interested in making it beyond the conceptional frame in my head to something that can be articulated into a real product.

They (whoever they are) have been saying that the desktop is dead or is dying and I am starting to believe that development will become a bit more personal and mobile; but with all the power projection a person needs to accomplish the days work. To tell you the truth it feels a lot like it did when started to see desktops with decent horsepower. Very exciting. The mobile hardware is powerful, there are decent toolsets and software platforms and a decent market opportunity.