I need to get moving again

I cannot believe how complacent I have become. I am surrounded by pounds of paper that represent half baked or half completed projects and tasks. I cant really cop to not having the time as I seem to have an abundance of it. I think motivation is really the culprit; I just cant seem to get all that excited about anything lately. My goals had not been met mainly due to poor implementation or bad planning. At any rate, I have been pretty much a train wreak lately. That has got to stop like now. Focus… Focus …That’s is the order of the day. I think I will start with that mountain of paper on my desk. Its always hard to get started again but what the alternative?

I have a dream last night

I had a dream last night but unlike most of the dreams I have, this was fairly constructive. I have been learning a couple of new computers languages and I have had a bit of trouble with some of the conceptual fine-points.I’d struggle with the code examples I was working with but I would fail to grasp the concept and have one of those “aha” moments I expect to have.

Well in this dream I was able to dream or project an example of the situations which giving me fits. In the dream I found a solution… when I woke up, I immediately wrote the solution down and was able to work in it out in code. Amazing how the sub conscience will work for you sometimes.
Now if I can only do it more often!