Idea #0001

ii) Green business opportunities

(1) last mile “ links to new or built in infrastructure

(a) Multiple management servers in a home network to control                                     home functions up from a single controlling server built into a                                     common interface perhaps a family entertainment center with                                     satellite consoles around the house (i) Servers running a “lifestyle”                            engine

1. Could be a custom written server that tailored to function

2. Or off-the-shelf servers modified to suit

3. Can be controlled by sensor capable phone (I.e. Iphone, Droid                                      and the like, even a Bluetooth enabled phone could control                                             processes)

4. Sensors in phone can also act as id tag to customize                                                            environment for individual users (note: the iphone is said to                                           have 10 separate sensors)

(b) Servers could perform

(i) Power management

1. New power, water and gas gauges installed by power                                                    company can transmit data to the consumer tracking usage and                                  disposition,

a. The idea here is to provide archiving of the data and the                                            usage reporting as well as tie it into the HMS (home                                                            management system)

(ii) Automated home management

i. Power usage and generation (provided that they are using alternative                       energy generation such as solar panels , fuel cell and home wind                                 turbines)

ii. Water usage Intake, grey water management and rain collection                                  accounting

iii. Recycle and waste management

(iii) Home automation

1. Environmental controls

a. Thermostats and heating controls

b. Lighting and power management systems

i. X10 (older transmission model [limited to 256 sensors                                                     controls])

ii. Zigbee embedded sensors in devices can communicate                                                wirelessly and form a “mesh” if designed properly                                                     

iii. Z wave iv. Rfid (active, and passive ) used in conjunction with                               other sensors to provide identification and detail of device                                            within a room, a building or structure.

(iv) Rain water collection system

(v) “grey” water treatment: this uses water from dish washing,                                              bathing & laundry to be reclaimed and used in irrigation                                            

(c) Alternative Energy generation

(i) Solar Panels

(ii) Wind turbine, smaller consumer friendly designs are coming out now.             (iii) Fuel Cell

Key Factors Self  sufficiency, economic costs Relative low cost to                               high value ratio   Combined with energy efficiency from new homes                         manufacture  and design  neutral or negative emissions . Energy                                 efficiency is getting better all   he time Particularly with                                                    manufactured home. These are houses that  are built to specs and                              shipped to the job site for assembly


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