My take on the Democratic National Convention

“Never has so many been bamboozled by so few ”

I have to say I originally thought that Mr. Obama would be just the thing this country would need to get it back on track. I still doubt that Mr. McCain is the man but I now have more doubts than ever about the ability of the current democratic candidate to lead anybody let alone this country.

Look, I’ll admit I’m somewhat on the conservative side, but I know ( in my heart) that the Republicans have had their chance and have supremely blown it[remember the contract with america] . I fear that the Democratic party (of which I am a card carrying member BTW) is not really a national party anymore so much as it is a coalition of single issue constituencies. My point is that both parties seem so polarized and so intent to advance their own agenda that they forget what their organizing principal was… namely to serve the interests of the people. Moreover, the next president should lead the country towards creating a better America for ALL of its people.

I am not certain that Mr. Obama is that man. He certainly hasn’t impressed me with anything he has done save for moving the devoted masses emotionally. Don’t get me wrong that takes great skill but its hardly the only quality I want in a leader. In the final analysis, it remains to be seen, at least to me, that he possesses anything beyond that.

I have to admit that I was swayed in the beginning but I started to do the “due diligence” that I think one has to do before voting for a president. I started with his writings; primarily newspaper columns when he held state office, I looked at his voting record in the senate and I even read a couple of law review articles he authored. I cannot say I am happy with what i found. I honestly hoped I would see a more practical and pragmatic leader who was more progressive than Leftist. Even discounting the rhetoric of youth, you can see that the larger trends of what he says and what actually he does to be, well, less than I what can reconcile.

So, what the point of this missive? just a plea to learn more about the man before you vote. The next election is too important to have someone in office that cannot do the job and lead all Americans to a better life.


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