ok, im over the “turning fifty” thing

ok, I have decided to get over the “turning fifty” introspection. It was severely depressing me anyway. I know that nothing constructive would come out of it anyway.

Well, thats not entirely true. I have learned a few things. I think the best thing about introspection is the PROSPECTIVE it gives you; something that says that in the long view of things,its foolhardy to get upset and depressed about things you cannot change. Things happen for a reason, bad things, good things. and life is really a lot like a card game and that success( whatever that might be) is pretty much always in the hand you hold, the skill in which you can play that game.

to carry that analogy a little further, you should’nt be playing Hold’em the way you would play bridge. its just doesnt work. you have to play the game ( and the cards) in the right context.

I know this might seem like one of those “duhhh” moments; its truly a revelation to me tho.

So here’s to the next hand and to playing the right game.


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