I did not write this but I agree with it entirely…. I’m sorry, I have no idea of who to attribute

The engineer who most assiduously respects the laws of physics is able to create the most useful machines. The government which best respects the will of the people becomes the most powerful and beneficial. The degree to which a business respects its customers has a direct impact on the success of that business. The forces of nature can be powerful, harsh and potentially destructive. Yet with enough understanding and respect, they can be harnessed and put to positive use. The same can be said of human forces. When you learn to understand and act in harmony with the world around you, the results are much better than if you try to hide from it or fight against it. Most things can be harmful or helpful depending on the amount of respect and understanding you grant them. The things which still work against you, are lessons available to hone your skill and understanding. Heed them well and their substantial power can be yours.

update: This was written by  Ralph S. Marston. its a wonderful sentiment.


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