Here’s a thought…

with all the hydrocarbons we are reportly putting in the air. Why hasnt some clever engineer figured out how to “mine” and reclaim those hydrocarbons into a viable fuel source. Im no scientist but I think that sometimes conventional thinkers fail to consider all the options.

A great site

For those of you that are interested in better powerpoint ( or keynote; for you mac types) presentation or simply interested in design technique, I have found a website for you. is all about good presentation and using the forementioned tools to their best benefit. It provides tons of common sense techniques to developing a great presentation. I’ve found it provides excellent design advice that can be applied to a variety of media such as websites and print publications and , of course, presentations.

I came accross the site after looking at a few books on presentation construction. I found this great book ( by the same name as the website) that seemed head-and-shoulders above the mudane “how to do powerpoint” texts that I saw on the shelves. I thought the book was attractive, with beautiful stylish graphics and text that was understandable and fun to read.

If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.

Providence and the grace of things

I’ve been thinking, I have always, as a matter of course, focused on the things I don’t have. things that i have thought I would need to make my life worthwhile and interesting. I think that I have been taking the wrong tact. rather, I should be make my focus in life about the things that make my life enriched and interesting, like my smart and funny wife, my beautiful and interesting children, the time I have been blessed with to do with what I can to enrich my soul and make me a better man.

This is to say same guy, same circumstances — just different lens of perception. Yeah I think I’ll try that.

Now yes its obvious, but you’d be suprised how idiotic and ingrained worldviews are instilled.