Yes, Im still alive

yes, I’m still alive and ummm..kicking. I have given some thought about pruning back all the blogs and informational droppings ive been leaving over the i-net over the past 15 years (yes 15 years… sue me, I’m early adopter), thought to clean it all up, erase and sanitize yet another period of my life where my internal censor has determined it wasn’t good enough for consumption.

I thought about it and determined that it wasn’t worth the effort, fuck it … who is really interested enough in my life to go digging around looking for me anyway.

I think we all lose something anyway when we show people only the sides we want them to see. People who are interested enough in looking at those artifacts will make whatever effort they deem necessary to get what they want. To try and always put the best face on my situation(s) would be pointless anyway. I wish I were far more articulate than I am. it would make these little revelations seem more interesting than just more random noise on the iNet.

Readers, if I seem to be indulging in a ode of self pity , forgive me; its been a long couple of months and IM not in the best frame of mind.


One comment

  1. pearlsb4swine · May 29, 2007

    Glad to hear from you! Have you been keeping up with my entries? Do you know I’m a Body Work student and giving free massages until the end of July? Want one? Write me at pagekat at g mail

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