My new picture

Connie Took a great pic ( at least I think ) of me at the Beach Chalet at Golden Gate Park when she visited this month. I still feel old… my “Rip-Van-Winkle” moment


  1. pearlsb4swine · May 18, 2006

    I like it. You look all rosy-cheeked and youthful, in truth, not old.
    So, what’s happening? How’s your wife and kids? Still holding the marriage together?
    As you may be able to tell by my posts, I’m divorcing richard. He’s gone and homeless, in the streets, but apparently this has knocked some sense into him. He’s clean for almost two weeks now. Not that it matters to me now. He had started stealing from me-jeopardizing home and hearth, and that was too much.
    You are not in my “inner circle” list, so you may not have seen the heartbroken, pissed off, really personal posts. I didn’t know you were on lj. I’ll put you on that filter now.
    BTW, lj is more fun when you have more than one person on your friends list.

  2. LearnGrow (josephgier) · June 13, 2006

    I don’t know if you ever got this reply because It went back to your live journal account. If I’m being redundant I apologize. I hope all is well and hope we can get some time soon to catch up.
    Hello. It was so nice to hear from you. Yes, I have had a live journal subscription for a little while now but I have never managed to make much of a dent in terms of contribution in a substantial way. Maybe I am going through my “minimalist” phase. In any event I intend to write more if nothing else, because I need the practice.
    Thank you for your kind comment about the picture. I was entertaining a friend from back east( well the Midwest anyway) and she took a a good picture of me. I may be rosy cheeked but I think your “youthful” comment was charitable. I appreciate the comment nonetheless. you are very sweet.
    My family is doing well. My daughter Brand is growing so quickly, I can almost see and hear it. She is long and lean and despite being proverbial, she seems to have no problem making her wishes known. At the risk of being cliché, she has her father wrapped around her little fingers. My son John is also growing well physically; if a little on the thin side. Tia and I have decided to hold him back a year in grade five to allow him to develop a bit more maturity emotionally (he is eleven). It was a difficult decision but it was a necessary one from which he’ll benefit in the long run. Tia is doing well and pretty stable despite a few setbacks with Manic Depression. She has a new therapist and a new regiment of medications. so far, so good. There have been problems but nothing really unmanageable. The marriage is so far sound, despite a few not inconsiderable challenges.
    I’m sorry to hear about your situation with Richard, I can only imagine how hard it for you. I know how hard you have worked to make the realationship work and the lengths you’ve undertaken to help him help himself. I am gratified to see that you have chosen to be strong (at least from the posts that I have seen ). All the more I wish you the best to find a safe harbor in that relationship. He might be able to redeem himself yet; providing you should want that.
    I am pleased to be counted in your “inner circle”. I had no idea Live journal had that level of sophistication; it seems to have grown pretty “feature rich ” since I first looked at it. I am a newbie here so I might be asking you questions down the road to Sheppard me through the finer points. Point taken on your comment about having more of a friends list. I think you know me by now, I choose my friends well. I think that is the only real freedom we have anymore. I am glad to count you as one of mine.
    I wanted you to know I really enjoyed our last face-to face and look forward to getting together again soon if you’re amenable. Summer is approaching and I hope there will plenty of opportunities to share good conversations and good bread and good wine. I have missed you. sorry about the sap must be getting mellow. (smiles)
    I have a couple of Pictures I took of you when we had lunch. I don’t think they do you justice but you might like to have them.
    Talk to you soon my friend, till then be healthy and find calm.

  3. pearlsb4swine · June 13, 2006

    No, I never did receive your post until today. Please note my icon. It is a picture of my youngest grandchild, Lissie. She and I have yet to meet.
    Yes, let’s get together sometime soon. Write to me at my address for quickest response.

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